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Perfume Review: Arabie, Serge Lutens

Review part of the Fabulous Fragrant World of Serge Lutens by Cris Rosa Negra. Now available in English language. To read the Portuguese version, click on here.

Arabie, Serge Lutens

Arabie, dry as a desert, spicy as a marocain market, slightly fruity as an oasis food, lightly cold as a wind that blows among the dunes and also delicately woody like a cedar scent diffused in the oriental nature. This is the complete scented overview over Arabie! A fragrance with oriental nuances highlighted in a moderate manner since it is not an overly middle East perfume.


Arabie touched much more my imaginary connecting me to an fruitful oasis than the imaginary related to a dry desert. Indeed, Arabie is supposed to be a drier and winter fragrance however it presents itself with a warm approach through unexaggerated accords of fruits and much more filled by spicies and woods. The top notes are burnt by the cinnamon's warmth. For some moment, it is necessary hopefully to be intimate with the cinnamon note which reminds me of filled spicies pots in some Marrakech stalls. This fragrant spicy moment is required to be smelt before coming to a new scented touch that brings to thoughts a garden of one thousand and one nights full of fruits, plants and woods, something more satiable, hottier and peculiar. Later, the perfume fades into a subtle cedarwood base with provocative touches of nutmeg.

Dried Figs in Marocco market

Arabie is a perfume that challenges us to accept its pre-orientality, the challenge of crossing the boundary that fragrances like that demand because Arabie is not an arabian attar and is not a conventional woody scent. However the fragrance has the pioneer style of mixing the West and the East through the daring style of Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake, hence imagine yourself in one new space, walking with my initial words on your mind and be rendered by this walk across diverse portraits of this Arab, or it is better to say, this Arabie.

Notes of Arabie: Cedar, sandalwood, candied mandarin peel, dried figs, dates, cumin, balsamic resins, clove,nutmeg, myrrh, tonka bean, Siamese benzoin.

Perfumer: Christopher Sheldrake

Perfume Review by Copyright Cristiane Gonaçlves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra Originally published in portuguese language in 2007.
Photo Credits: Serge Lutens Arabie by Serge Lutens
Sweet figs by Whole foods market
Cinnamon by Istockphoto

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