About Perfume da Rosa Negra

"Cris, la Rosa Negra. 

My passion for scents is my desire for the beautifullness. 

 My fragrant writing is a praise for the Perfumery ART.

I only write what I smell , I feel and I desire."


About Perfume da Rosa Negra

Pioneer Bilingual Brazilian Perfume Blog (Portuguese and English), among the main blogs read in the Fragrance Blogosphere. Perfume Reviews, Interviews, News and many articles related to perfumery and various themes (literature, fashion,dance,visual arts,etc). Ownership by Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra and exclusive collaborator writer Italo Wolff, who also is Fashion Columnist in Maceió web media.

Cristiane Gonçalves is also Senior Perfume writer for Sniffapalooza Magazine in collaboration for new articles/new fragrances reviews and interviews exclusive to the Magazine and is local Columnist, Fragrance Writer and consultant at Osmoz.Com c/o Firmenich. Cristiane is a renowned fragrance writer and global fragrance consultant from Brazil, specialising in Oriental Perfumery, Luxury Fine and Niche Fragrances and Brazilian and Latin America Perfume Brands.  Cristiane also was selected as  Jurator  as one of the  Beauty Media influencer to compose the Grand Jury of Atualidade Cosmetica Awards 2011, The Oscar of Latin America and Brazilian Cosmetics and Perfumery. She also participated in the other main online fragrance publications such as  PerfumeCritic and Fragrantica.com. Perfume da Rosa Negra is an award winning pioneer in Brazil in Fragrance Expertise Blogging as owner, editor and writer at Perfume da Rosa Negra which won the 9th Basenotes Awards Best Blog Finalist, 2009 Top 10 Blogs at Fragrantica.com and was voted as the best 100 Brazilian Blogs in Professional Variedades Category Finalists at the biggest Brazil blog awards, Prêmio Top Blog in 2009 and 2010.

Perfume da Rosa Negra may be contacted at cris.perfumedarosanegra@gmail.com 


Arabian and Indian Attars, Communications, Language and Literature, Online Media, Fragrance Consumer & Market Understanding, Fragrance Creative Writing, Fragrance Blogging, Beauty and Fashion, Luxury Fragrances Consulting, Fine and Niche Perfumery, Latin America perfume brands, Olfactive Skills.

Honors and awards

Perfume da Rosa Negra - Top 10 at Fragrantica Perfume Blog Awards (2009) - www.fragrantica.com

Perfume da Rosa Negra - Finalist as Best Blog in 9th Anual Basenotes Fragrance Awards (2009)

Perfume da Rosa Negra - Brazil Top Blog Awards, certified among Winning Top Best 100 VARIEDADES professional blogs (2009 and 2010) www.topblog.com.br

Selected and appointed as Fragrance Influencer for the Fragrance Advisory Board

Invited for Interview in TV Channel Band (Silvia Poppovic) on media article about Perfume (2009)

Pioneerly hired as local Writer at Osmoz, the acclaimed first perfume site in the world led by renowned top Swiss Fragrance and Flavors house Firmenich.

Jurator for Grand Jury of Atualidade Cosmetica Awards 2011, The Oscar of Latin America and Brazilian Cosmetics and Perfumery.

Enjoy Perfume da Rosa Negra and fall in love by perfumes.