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Perfume Review: Sa Majesté La Rose, Serge Lutens

Review part of the Fabulous Fragrant World of Serge Lutens by Cris Rosa Negra. Now available in English language. To read the Portuguese version, click on here. This review had small modifications.

Sa Majesté La Rose, Serge Lutens

Sa Majesté la Rose is an absolute scent of the elegance in its simplest fragrant form. The rose developes constantly the main role from the start to the end, sometimes more floral scented, sometimes slightly sweet. A fascinating and ethereal rose scent in its pure, crystalline, refined and enchanting form.

The fragrance was developed from some mythology inspiration, specifically the feminine figure of Chloris who appears on the Spring by Sandro Botticelli, one of the most memorable Italian paintings. In this art masterpiece, Chloris, the flowers nymph in the Greek mythology is next to
Zephyrus, God of Wind who fell in love by her continuing on the painting contemplation the beauty meeting of the fresh wind with the gorgeous Goddess of Flowers. To reflect on this divine picture is to awake mythical inspirational thoughts as they would bloom like roses around me.

The start notes remind me of petal roses cultivated in a bucolic field, impressing me by the delicateness of a docile and divinal floral. Sa Majesté la Rose does not meet the "rosy scent pattern" of regular mainstream fragrances which capture the rose as main element in commercial and very blended ways with others secondary notes, this Serge Lutens unique floral fragrance takes other fragrant path, the majestic path that leads us to the Rose Queen.

Chloris and Zephyrus at Spring by Botticelli.
Chloris reigns as flowers Goddess

The path when roses reign most and are therapeutic, making me remind of wellness essential oils that let the body light, divine and in peaceful and healing state of spirit. Even there is a sweet muskier scent that comes from musk plus subtle spice and honey, the rose is the superb note in the development, enveloping the skin. An ideal fragrance for women who have a simple and natural elegance, Sa Majesté la Rose is made to a woman who symbolizes the Human Imperial Rose.

Serge Lutens confirms again his talent, creating a fragrance that I consider that is not an ordinary floral, but a wonderful "Royal-Rose-Flower" - a term that comes to my mind during a scented ecstasy, smelling this divine fragrance that leads me to a state of pureness, almost spiritual.

The Muses dance at Spring by Sandro Boticelli.
Beauty and grace of the flowers season. A dance of roses

La parfait Rose ! It breaks the concepts of the commercial perfumery because its standard of sensitivy, a real lovely rose. A fragrance very delicate that make us to be back to promote the simplicity of the notes which move fragrantly to a sophistication where the fewer, the better.

Notes of Sa Majesté la Rose: Moroccan rose absolute, gaiac wood, clove, musk and white honey.
Perfumer: Christopher Sheldrake

La Rose Parfumée

Je suis né au Printemps

et suis Flora*,
la déesse des fleurs
avec vous parfum des fascinante roses
vous, mon Dieu Lutens
me faire la Majesté
de pure beauté
la plus parfaite
la plus divine

(poetry by Cris Rosa Negra, originally posted at
PRN Poetic Homage to Serge Lutens & Christopher Sheldrake
* Flora is the Flowers Goddess in the Roman Mythology.

Perfume Review by Copyright Cristiane Gonaçlves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra Originally published in portuguese language in 2007. This review had small modifications.
Photo Credits : Sa Majestè la Rose by Serge Lutens
Spring by Sandro Botticelli . Italian Renaissance Art.

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