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Interview with Christopher Chong, The House of Amouage at Sniffapalooza Magazine

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Interview with Christopher Chong The House of Amouage by Cristiane Gonçalves Cris Rosa Negra Sniffapalooza Magazine Epic Man Epic Woman
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Interview with Christopher Chong
Creative Director of House of Amouage

by Cristiane Gonçalves
at Sniffapalooza Magazine

Christopher Chong is the Creative Director of the luxurious House of Amouage a renowned niche perfume house whose rich heritage in raw materials of high quality, artistic inspiration and the art in perfumery started in the roots of Sultanate of Oman and brings to the market universal and unique fine fragrances.

After the success of the classic Amouage Gold and so many others fragrances, in the last years under the direction and multi-artistic vision of Christopher Chong guiding the work of great world's perfumers from Grasse , in the South of France, the House of Amouage has changed more and more for an outstanding and excellence performance in perfume making of global luxurious fragrance, among them Jubilation, Lyric and the last release Epica Man and Epic Woman.

In this delightful interview, Christopher Chong tells me about the new business approach of Amouage int he last 3 years, his creative inspirations, luxury in fragrances, the new fragrance Epic, among others issues. I hope you enjoy, Art in Fragrances is all, mainly when a brand travels around the world.

Read full interview with Christopher Chong
visiting us at Sniffapalooza Magazine

Introductory text by Cristiane Gonçalves for Sniffapalooza Magazine.
Photo credits: The House of Amouage under permission.

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