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Perfume Review: Miel de Bois, Serge Lutens

Review part of the Fabulous Fragrant World of Serge Lutens by Cris Rosa Negra. Now available in English language. To read the Portuguese version, click on here.

Miel de Bois, Serge Lutens

A wonderful fragrance... a sweet scent, composed by a rare honey, preciously wild. Smelling Miel de Bois is like to imagine a honey involving all the body in one oriental and mysterious atmosphere, between noble and egyptian sheets. The honey is converted in one intimate partner, snuggling together with the skin in the warm aura of the bedroom.

The fragrance is like a balsamic honey, those that covers the body as a velvet fabric as well the bee that reposes on the flower... like a poetic image of the nature that is converted into a real image in the intimacy surrounded by soft sheets scented by delicate flowery accords. What balsam!

Miel de Bois seems a pure oil, an extra fine oil and, at the same time, so consistent done by those big bees , powerful and with effervescent temperament.
There is certain disquiet in smelling this honey mixed to the woody nuances that cause olfactive explosions, liberating more and more honey.

At the moment when the honey and the woods meet each other and notes are transited among them, that is like a magic effect, almost hypnotic. The perfume is able of being simple with the combination honey and woods but have an fascinating attraction like an unavoidable enchantment. I would spread this honey balsam on me, satiate myself with this chalice of the nature... that is not saint, but completely profane.

Notes : Ebony, gaiac, oak wood, honey, beeswax, iris, hawthorn.

Perfumer: Christopher Sheldrake

Perfume review by Copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra. Originally published in portuguese language in 2007.
Photo credits: Serge Lutens Miel de Bois by Serge Lutens
and Honeycombs by Emmanuel Boutet under
Permission of the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2. Wikipedia Commons.

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