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Perfume Review: Black Orchid, Tom Ford

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Tom Ford Black Orchid

Black Orchid is a perfume that makes me celebrate its release as those fragrances that touch the skin and after the soul. I would say that wearing Black Orchid for the first time was like to receive a black orchids bouquet which bloomed in each phase of the perfume, in a ludic manner. Tom Ford and his natural talent compared to be like an "American Serge Lutens" was daring with his Black Orchid female fragrance, blending diverse notes that created an enchanting symphony, overcoming all obstacles in developing a beautiful mix with dark and mysterious appealing and, on the same time, luminous.

In a rare way, Tom Ford launched a fragrance that takes us to an olfactive journey, where the first step is not to know where we are going to and, also, to be aware and confident that this journey is fascinating. Like a temporary blindness that excites; like to be with the eyes covered, hidden by the darkness which, contradictorily beg for a revealing light. It was exactly what I felt in this journey.

After the first fragrance spray, scents become flavors: the acid of bergamot and the sweet of the black truffle were balanced with a woody creaminess and a touch of patchouli. In a original manner, a dark creamy citrusy scent which is alternated with the sweetness of floral and fruity accords was released in the market. This fragrance has a début to touch the body with sensual nuances that move to a soul delight, it is like to stare a star night with a garden of black orchids while drinking a creamy citrusy cocktail.

A scent that reaches a hypnotic effect to warm and intoxicate the skin with a vanilla accord blended to sweet and almost edible flower petals as a delicious gourmand-like perfume that also keeps the freshness of the day and the heat of the night. The vanillic chypre base joins the blooming of this orchid with the vivacity of the flower just opened, merging the truffle scent of Black Orchid start which reminds me of chococolate covered by a creamy liqueur, fresh and sharp with a final base of vanilla and woody notes.

Black Orchid is a perfume whose temporality on skin is presented in a progressing and continuous way, it is like to imagine that, in order to smell each one of its nuances it would be necessary to follow a way without shortcuts. Inevitably a way that takes us to a garden of passionate orchids.

Photo credits: Tom Ford Black Orchid by Tom Ford beauty.

Perfume Review by Copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra

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