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Perfume Review: Tobacco Vanille, Tom Ford Private Blend

Part of 14 Unforgettable Scents, Memorable Fragrant Writings Series. Portuguese version, click here

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Private Blend Collection

Accept the invitation to this Tea Party, deliciously olfactive, in which the very elegant Tom Ford participates in, accompanied by his Rosa Negra. Ladies, go with your gentlemen who will enjoy their pipes and cigars with the softest tobacco, while their ladies will enjoy something healthier for their well-being... they will enjoy the refined scent of Tobacco Vanille, one of the fragrances of Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. Gentlemen, if you wish crazily to sample this elixir, kiss and touch your ladies' skins, after the tea party... perhaps ladies will leave this almondy vanilla scent with nuances of pure honey in one of their mademoiselle's gloves, like a sensual preliminar. Sexy retro attitude for their romantic souls, shyly insinuative.

The Rosa Negra tells you this formidable moment:

I was with Tom Ford in one room of vintage style with others men so sophisticated as him; he was my companion in a tea party, elegantly victorian and cool emphasizing the contrasts between the modernity and the classicism, but in this party, Tom was not be with me for a long time, while I was sampling this scented vanilla with almondies and chocolate cookies, he was most likely to be talking among men and their cigars and pipes, tipically part of a men's club.

In the course of this event, Tobacco Vanille was my companion. An invitation to the sweet delicateness of the vanilla involved by the purest and finest honey with accords of chocolate poured with coconut, so scentful as are tasty these candies offered in the tea party. Tobacco Vanille is a very likely fragrance for the sophisticated world of ladies dressing retro clothing, sweet and never futile in their behaviors, whose men love smoking a light tobacco of high quality in their pipes. The perfume fits to these ladies, but without their men, they could not be so well accompanied... never, without their refinement and charming presence that they impose naturally on the place athmosphere.

While Tom smoked his tobacco pipe, I, his lady, felt how good was to be in his companion, a fragrance and fashion business man who knew to approve gorgeous accords in his brand, scented accords that worth to be his lady's perfume... the first accord of Tobacco Vanille reminded me of the scent of my favorite vanilla... peculiar and refined, covered by honey, delicately almondy by the presence of the Tonka Bean and, in the base, those evocative smoky notes of Tobacco which seemed dried leaves and provided for the fragrance an old green scent making me remember the first room, full of men smoking and bringing the male effect to the vanilla, that was not very smoky-be.

I continued smelling that honeyed-vanilla in a delightful way while I was surrounded by the shy smiles of those well behaved ladies... my romantic dress seemed to be burnt , for some minutes, by my hot thoughts filled by pleasure and good appetite...and the dress gave the impression of being opened at any time.

I decided to grab a cookie to satiate my sudden hunger. One more amazing scent wave: a balsamic vanilla with honey and almondies dominated more space in my olfaction... a scent of coconut that reminded me of much more a bitter chocolate that, little by little, allowed being sugared by the coconut. For one moment, I was uncontrolled
mad by this Tom Ford's fragrance, such a splendid scent!

Where was Tom? Well, it didn't matter anymore... ladies who were closer to me also were unimportant , I only desired my
Tobacco Vanille and all those sweet candies around me.

Photo credits: Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford Beauty e google images.
Perfume Review by copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra

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