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Perfume Review: Hypnotic Poison, Dior

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Milla Jolovich, a famous face for Hypnotic Poison

Dior Hypnotic Poison, hypnotic, provoker and lascivious; but not any lasciviouness as others sensual fragrances. Hypnotic Poison places between the fragrance comfort and the sensual appealing highlighted by the notes of almond, vanilla and musk. The libidinal vanilla that reaches the climax of the pleasure after three hours of scent development and, later, provokes that sensation of to be wrapped by sheets, satiated fully by a sweet, warm and slightly musky scent after an "vanillic orgasm." Do you think three hours is much time to an extreme vanilla pleasure? Absolutely not. It is what every woman desires, enjoying the moment and be led to the olfactive pleasure for a long satisfaction pleasure; a more delightful experience than enjoying the famous type of "fast intersexual intercourse" found in some vanilla fragrances without creativeness.

The poisoned fragrance... Hypnotize me!

The fragrance preliminaries are very provocative and become Hypnotic Poison sexier in the course of its developmet. It is a poison, narcotic as a drug, because of that some people can smell some medicinal smell in the fragrance start. Happily, I do not feel this medicine scent on my skin. I feel something better than it: the scent of glass of liqueur to warm the relationship up.

Monica Belucci, new Face of Hypnotic Poison

The heady notes feature a very sweet liqueur scent as flavored as an amaretto one. The almondy bitter smell on the skin is evident, much more than the vanillic scent. In some moments, the floral may be perceived through the jasmin sambac note, however the floral accords are not strong enough in this fragrance. That is amazing! To imagine a prominent floral scent in Hypnotic Poison should be to romanticize the most lascivious senses.

Senses, a good word to be associated to Hypnotic Poison; more than the olfaction and the taste senses mentioned before, the fragrance picture is related to the image of a young woman, but with the intention of a provocative mature woman. Her sensual desires are achieved and she knows how to reach it. Hypnotic Poison is for women who are awared about their seduction, those women whose hidden desires can be revealed pleasurably.

Hence I never has thought that the vanilla of this perfume and others notes are blended to compose a teen fragrance as a fragrant potion to unexperienced women. To the contrary I think about Hypnotic Poison like a perfume for a woman with a young soul who searches much more and early her freedom and the accomplishments of her sensual desires, being dissimulative or innocent.

Presença de Anita, book of Mario Donato
A Brazilian Lolita woman

Because of this image about the fragrance, since its flacon to the result of the olfactive experience, I associated Hypnotic Poison to the image of the woman girl of the book Presença de Anita, written by Mario Donato and published in the end of decade of 40. The mature provocations of Anita, even she is young, become her an adult lady, a poison in a woman full of magnetism, almost an evil girl. Sexy provocations that would only be together to a delicious fragrance as Hypnotic Poison.

Photo credits: Dior Hypnotic Poison by Dior. Book presença de Anita, source at Cultureba

Perfume Review by Copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra.

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