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Sensual Scents: Rochas Femme, A female and her double facets

Sensual Scents byPerfume da Rosa Negra
The Fantasy and the pleasure start from our Perfume

What is the limit between being fragrant and to be in the state of being fragrant? The essence and the appearance? To be a classic and traditional lady and to be a libertine muse? Finally, how scents are and what are their intentions on the mysterious body of a woman? The fragrant aura that  hides the most docile pervertion awakes from the double facets of a woman when she is wearing her perfume, more than the sexy lingerie, the caring affection while the sheets touch the ardent  bodies, her body and his body on the bed, she is a sensual female wearing femme.

Femme, the birth's name of a woman, double identity in form of fragrance, created by Edmond Roudnitska in 1943. Behind its well behaved classicism composed by aldehydes and fruity chypre notes of peach and plum, there is a docility of a woman who has good behaviors, polited, gorgeous, well-dressed. Femme comes to caress her skin like the hands of a man revealing the softness of her skin, the lightness of her relaxing body enveloped by a chypre of white flowers, but as soon as the Femme scent becomes denser such as the vigorous pleasure that is coming, then, the heat comes first like an effervescent  touch in the intimacy of the female body, the ylang ylang embraces the woody notes like her legs that holds his body. That vibrant wave of a chypre floral  with resinuous notes provocatively perverted starts to come deeper in front of her, but who is in the front of her? He is... watching her. She is having dinner in a fine restaurant  with him, she is trying to represent the first facet of the perfume, with its delicate tones and undertones. Is he perceiving she is thinking of him? Absolutely she is thinking of him,  smelling her, discovering her and her Femme.

Between smiles and laughter, while her lips tastes the delightful dish perfumed by fragrant herbs and the light flavor of an fine alcoholic French wine, her hunger was not about food and beverages, but was about the hedonic power of Femme, emanating her desire from an irresistible scent, awakening her uncontrolled desire by him.  The perfume starts to awake all her presence closer to that table. She is feeling how double she is, so dual like Femme is, she is at the right point of let the good behaviors apart and guide him by the curves of her body, by the curves of Femme bottle. How unstoppable is her desire in making him smell her perfume, how  she would reveal herself as a non-innocent woman. He smiles to her and his eyes are shinning behind those foolish glasses, certainly  the first piece she would remove, later ahead, he would feel there was her scent warmer and warmer in the air, so animalic like her wild nature, so insinuating and flirting like the white jasmine, slightly powdery that puts a spell on him for a very deep sniff.

She has already revealed the female inside herself and her double facets.  Her minds are completely filled by forbidden and dirty thoughts, There is not more there only Femme, there is her man, smelling her scent at the bottom of its mystery,  sniffing Femme deeply on her skin which  is fragrantly musky and empowered by a seductive, lustful aura. A very libidinuous skin  with the sweet reminiscence  of bitten fruits. While he is putting his nose on her carnal  and voluptuous body awaken by intense pleasures, her  skin is kissed and flavored by the odour of Femme, womanly fatale.

by Cristiane Gonçalves
for Perfume da Rosa Negra

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