domingo, 20 de março de 2011

Perfume da Rosa Negra, a new time, a new perfume

English version. By Cristiane Gonçalves

A perfume is unforgetable for those people that truly adore it. Even the scent is not in the daily presence,  in certain way, the perfume is there as a endless trail in the memory. The scent remains, continuously as a remembrance that should be experienced lively, and always there is the return to live perfume, on the skin and also in the soul. Exploring the scent  in its subtle nuances, envelope it by the olfaction, embrace it as if that scent would penetrate deeply into the heart, touching it with caresse of someone who have missed this scent, with all affection of someone that only desires a real and true fragrant life.

We have missed our Perfume, we've missed Perfume da Rosa Negra. Those words were said by  some of our readers, friends, family and professionals of perfume industry. Perfume da Rosa Negra becomes more than one blog, it becomes a identity in the blogosphere, the identity of people who perfumes with their souls and hearts, who want to read about  scented feelings and knowledge on perfumery; because of that there is no words to thank you for all your adorable loyalty. Indeed, in these last months, we had stopped publishing new contents moved by a professional decision based on key project priorities, but Perfume da Rosa Negra never let the perfumery go, because we are actively committed to perfumes, the scent has kept  a fragrant memory,  an intense desire of living and living again  what scents are and how they come into our lives, with no  way of saying goodbye.

Here there is no goodbye, because we have never said goodbye to all that love perfumes like us. We haven't said goodbye to you! Perfume da Rosa Negra has prepared to fall in love more and more by fragrances, and is here, renewed for a new time, for a new perfume.

Feel Rosa Negra. A new language is coming, much more passionate, much more free, much more intense, for the love of perfumes.

A Kiss

Cris Rosa Negra

Editor, Perfume da Rosa Negra


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