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Perfume Business: Jennifer Lopez - a mother with business vision in the Perfumery and Cinema

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Since the last year, after the birth of Jennifer Lopez's twins, the Latin start has shown her maternal facet. She released  My Glow fragrance, as a global strategy of approaching her new role as mother and being closer to the family and parenting niche taking into consideration that her previous perfumes have another focus, that is, they evoke her sensuality, her beauty and others characteristics related to her identity filled by energy and passion for the music and the dance.

My Glow, a delicate floral fragrance that features notes of lavender, peony, musk, water lily, fresia, white roses, wet leaves, sandalwood, precious woods and heliotrope is a perfume conceived to express the tenderness of J.Lo as mother, this nurture moment of her new phase as mother, because of that this fact becomes an interesting business case how a celebrity releases a new fragrance based on a facet of her/his personal life, finally, when the theme is about celebrity fragrances, what is responsible by the purchase decision making from a consumer is not exactly the olfactory quality and creativeness of a perfume, but the value of the brand associated  to the desire and admiration consumers feel for the celebrity. To make the most of this brand strategy, Jennifer Lopez also added new products to My Glow range, a tender lotion that can be used by a mother and baby and has antiallergic properties.

With Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities more coherent in the field of celebrities scents ; releasing My Glow, she could "sell" a positive  image and show her loyal consumers  a new familiar facet that is able of making them more loyal. Finally, one of the best decisions in releasing My Glow was to bring the maternal approach in a strategic way, fact that is not bad and cannot be judged mistakenly, considering that perfumes should represent and be inspired by key moments of a woman's life, in which she feel beautiful, fragrant and well-cared by fragrances and cosmetics that have a concept aligned to the emotion they are living.

If her perfumery is fine, J.Lo's Cinema was better some years ago, but new times indicate she wishes to recover her golden times as actress and she accepted to perform the same theme: the motherhood in her new movie The Back Up Plan, a romantic comedy in which she desires to have a child. The movie release will be in next June, 11 th in Brazil. If J. Lo wishes, she can take advantage of her new movie and reinforce the image of  My Glow and its sales because the fragrance was not a top sales in her perfume range (and  that was  expected 'cause the fragrance is focused on women that are able of  finding themselves in My Glow's concept: mothers and future mothers). No matter in the Perfumery and in the Cinema, one truth has to be said: J.Lo is a mother with business vision and we adore when she is here!

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By Cristiane Gonçalves for Perfume da Rosa Negra 
Photo credits: J.Lo/Coty

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