quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2009

Scented Insights: Smell of the Rain

(only in English)

Scented Insights are fragrant intuitive fragments by Cris Rosa Negra. Short Insightful quotes all of a sudden moved by my passionate inspiration. Read it, smell it and be guided by your imagination! Perfumery is absolutely insightful.

Hot weather among four walls
heating the closed room of this urban confinement
Responsabilities and concerns burning my brain
in this present time, full of pain
But, happily, raining is now falling from Heaven
making me remember my childhood blessings
taking funny playful rain baths smelling
its wet earthy scent
fresh, wonderfully free nature smell
setting me free now, with a new weather
making me feel a child forever.

(Scented insights: Smell of the Rain by  Cris Rosa Negra inspired 
by a sudden rain in São Paulo, the city of the drizzle (and the rush 
which urges some peace and freedom)

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