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Perfume Review: Un Lys, Serge Lutens

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Serge Lutens Un Lys

Serge Lutens Un Lys is one of the most beautiful floral fragrances for woman's body. It is a fragrance to contemplate the femininity in its more sensual and more poetic essence. It is the fragrance of the intimacy of Venus that there is in each woman, embracing the skin as the skin of the goddess of the Beauty, Eroticism and Love. It is a divine fragrance that awakes the human pleasure.

The mytical characteristic of the fragrance is this power of influencing me to think in such graciousness in one floral with touches of musk and vanilla, a scent that would not be only human. The mix of Un Lys is like the mother-of-pearl from which Aphrodite was born. Foams which conceived the goddess are like lilies that become this fragrance wonderfully fascinating, carried by many creamy and subtlely sweet flowers.

Venus by

The eroticism of the Romanian Venus inherited by the perfume does not have any relationship with the vulgar and manifest eroticism. Un Lys is erotic and aphrodisiac in the implied sense of the fragrance. The sensuality is started in the first contact with the lilies bouquet. To sample it, it is worth to be in a half-light environment after enlarging a soft and white sheet upon a bed. Liying down on the bed wearing a smooth and fluid nightgown and smell the fragrance secretly.

Desire Un Lys in each breath, merging imaginative pleasures, starting the rite of passage from a virginal pureness to a mature pleasure in deep thoughts to, later, having this pleasure with the most God man among men. That man who will reveal the Aphrodite woman, passing through the oniric and real worlds: the boundary between divine dreams of pleasure and the mundane accomplishment of desires.

This rite is not restricted to pure women, still sleeping in their sexuality. Un Lys is exactly to maturer women, not only in smelling fragrances but also for women who are discovering their true sensuality. Here, the concept is to expande the action of the fragrance joining the delicateness created in form of fragrance by Serge Lutens to the eroticism that is revealed by Un Lys.

In this rite of passage, the woman passes from the angelical condition to a human condition, surrendering herself to the pleasure of the fragrance and the change it can provoke on her during all the scent development on skin. It is a perfume of induction to the ecstasy, a passage to the vigorous sexual energy, in one olfactive experience in which the ethereal beauty of the woman is not taken away.

The rite opens floral notes with a nuance discretely peppery and some sap which rapidly is moved on the heat of the skin to allow the coming of lilies, a huge garden of them. The green start in the perfume with some animalic accord is very interesting because it says not only that the fragrance is light and romantic but also takes women to carnal desires.

The animalic and floral scent show that there is a possibility of being involved pleasurably by these lilies, being deliciously suffocated by this scent that there is in the boundary of the female desire. Later, as a flash, lilies bloom more and more, gorgeous and white. Initially, they are pure like a body that still will be known. After some time, lilies flowers present some creaminess and musky sweetness which embrace the body on a feminility aura. From this point, the body is taken completely by Un Lys , in continuous delight.

The scent of Un Lys uncovers the woman in a sensual poetry aura. The same women who are portraited on these paitings, art pieces of the French painter Bouguereau. Women who are half-divinity, half-human. Lyrical women. Un Lys' women.

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Photos: Un Lys Bottle, White lilies, paitings of the French Painter William A. Bouguereau
( sequence: Vênus, L'Etoile Perdue and Laurore)

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