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Perfume Review: Must pour femme (EDT), Cartier

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Cartier Must pour Femme

Cartier Must pour femme is one more "must have" fragrance from one of the most sophisticated luxury maisons in the world, Cartier. I consider Must and Le Baiser du Dragon as the main timeless perfumes of this splendid maison and are key fragrances to be bought by those people who are naturally elegant and scentfully tolerant. I would say "scentfully tolerant" because, while Le Baiser du Dragon is a heavier fragrance, Cartier Must is an easy perfume in its Eau de Toilette version, even if it has an "old lady like" scent start reinforced by a "green accord" that brings to the memory the green tea note and the typical classic perfumery of those flacons on vintage dressing-tables.

If the first sniff of Must causes those who admire Cartier fragrances and all the compliments received by the brand a strangeness, the middle and the end of the perfume are an invitation to the distinguishable value of Cartier. The distinguishable feature of Must is far from the fully "classic" characteristic of vintage perfumes and from the decade of 80, epoch when Must was released. It is a contemporaneous development, extremely feminine and refined. Highlighted by neroli, Must starts with powdery aldehydic notes, whose vivacity fades into a sweet lightness of the vanilla covered by a vetiver woody accord which pictures some seriousness in the fragrance.

As envisioned by Cartier, Must is an invitation to the aversion of conventions, because of it, there is an aromatic start related to the tradition and, later, the fragrance is changed by notes that set free this woman to something more desirable, elusively transgressive, at least, a type of "shy daring scent".

It is exactly this fragrance versatility that is attractive for women: a well behaved vanilla in the base of Must with a light influence of the vetiver, becoming Must more sensual. This peculiar vanilla becomes any woman more likely to be admired by her good taste, modern and classic, transforming Must in one classic must have fragrance in the modernity. A remarkable fragrance, always essential for adult women of all times.

Must is a must, because of its vanilla that is not childish, the woman is not immature in her scent as others vanillas which exist in the market and that are as a return to juvenile times. Must is a fragrance for a woman that, even she be more experienced, is always able to join the youthfulness and the maturity in her innerself. The fragrance starts a classic floral bouquet and then becomes sensual and sweet as a fragrant and appealing refresh. A must virtue by Cartier Must.

Photo credits: Cartier
Perfume Review by copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra

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