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Perfume Review: Parfum Sacré, Caron

Part of 14 Unforgettable Scents, Memorable Fragrant Writings Series. Portuguese version, click here

Parfum Sacré, Caron

Parfum Sacré of the luxury house Caron is a Baroque relic; a fragrance that doesn't follow the rational conventions and the mundane perspective. It is a fragrance that exults the mysticalness in its freer form. My olfactive journey has not led me to an oriental destiny as the perfume campaign but to a sacred Barroque destiny, mistily untouchable like the way of the spirituality.

The notes development in Sacré is based on sumptuous accords like the image of a Barroque sculpture. Imagine that its shapes have been drawn and trick the eyes with celestial bodies in Glory, creating an expansion full of high reliefs: a floral body with the incense of the myrrh that arouses a pungent herbal nuance represented by the coriander. Then, the coriander opens a new form which is represented by a myrrh with spicy accords of a subtle pepper mixed to a powdery vanilla, suggesting a mystical powder put in a chalice to provoke the most dazzling ecstasy. All notes create an intense light as they are opening spiritual visions, holily sensual and emotional.

The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, a fragrant holy ecstasy

This sacred chalice is for a dual personality. That one that transits between the humanness and the divineness, that exults much more the emotion and desires the freedom of the most intimate feelings in one spiritual and dramatic sphere till the holy pleasure. Among many arts, I always see myself as part of a Barroque Art, because of that Parfum Sacré is my Baroque chalice. Thinking about this art period and Sacré is to think of the masterpiece " The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa "
of the italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, one of the pioneer artists of this Art expression and one of my favorite ones.

In this sculpture, Theresa reveals her moment in Ecstasy after she was hit by the arrow of a delicate angel and then, she sees the gold rays of light to bring her close to the divinenness. In this moment, the sculpture shows an endless pleasure on the face of Saint Theresa. Pain and ecstasy let her faint, totally rendered by the emotion. Her clothing gains fluid movements, lovely tortuous and sublime. The profane desire joins to the divine delight in one dual and free atmosphere.

To imagine Sacré in this picture is like to imagine Sacré wetting the arrow of an angel who is ready to bring me this scent and take me to the garden of divine delights.

Photo credits: Parfum Sacré ad by Caron. Perfume Review by Copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra

2 comentários:

Pável Henry disse...

"Divin parfum Sacré".
É divino, tentador, misterioso...
Um perfume afiado e difícil de se usar.
Um aroma seco que nos faz entrar em êxtase alucinógeno... que como diz sua resenha Cris, "para em seguida ver os raios dourados de luz que parecem aproximá-la do divino."
Parfum sacré é isso... no seu lado misterioso, é algo sagrado num frasco... e no seu lado tentador, pode ser a visão do Éden!

Cris Rosa Negra disse...

Olá Pável,
Sim, um perfume que une os extremos divino e profano...arrebatamento dos prazeres sagrados e tentadores.