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Perfume Review: Le Baiser du Dragon, Cartier

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Le Baiser du Dragon. Photograph by Dâmaris Silva

Only one "petite baiser" is enough, a spray of this Eau de Parfum, a breath and a kiss of this fragrance to make the body warm up with this seductive scent, fascinating and sophisticated. A powerful perfume that is refined in a suitable level, mirror of Cartier brand that covers men and women's skins with jewel. The scent development of Le Baiser du Dragon on my skin happened in diverse gradations, unique characteristic of rare fragrances that are able to develop in a amazing manner, mysteriously as if any note could be deciphered. An intense, woody and sweet opening in which prevails the amaretto and the patchouli in a first moment.

During this special moment, it is interesting to notice that the perfume has a subtle bitter tone that, observing it with more attention is clear to smell a mix of benzoin and vetiver. There is the influence of the neroli because this bitter nuance is also a little bitter citrusy scented. The benzoin is developed as overtone and reminds me of the sophistication found in Moschino Couture; indeed, an apparent smell that, at the same time, brings the intensity of vetiver that , at the end of the perfume opens space to a woody floral, woodier than floral. It is evident that this flowery aspect is joined to the end as one bridge to reach a more feminine and sensual fragrance.

In my opinion, the Cartier fragrant masterpiece is a mirror of the refined first-class coming from the brand. Le Baiser du Dragon has the versatility to be wearable by men, although the fragrance is well done to be a scent for powerful women, elegant and sensual. Particularly, I cannot imagine this dragon kissing a man because I connect the picture of a woman as surrounded by flames, a very unique lady, but as any vanguard fragrance, I would say that Le Baiser du Dragon is like a good part of those fragrances which belong to the niche category. There is no definitive gender division: a timeless and sexless fragrance.

Review by Copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra
Photograph of Le Baiser du Dragon by Copyright Dâmaris Silva, rights reserved.

Dâmaris Silva is phychologist, University teacher and photographer from Santa Catarina (Brazil) and is colaborator photographer for Perfume da Rosa Negra.

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