sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Quote of the Day: Elizabeth Taylor, RIP (1932 - 2011)

"I never face the day without perfume"

"Nunca começo um dia sem perfume"

Elizabeth Taylor, one of the first celebrity to launch a celebrity fragrance in 80's and one of the best classic actresses across the years, always unforgettable for the Cinema.

She died on March, 23th due to heart health problems.Elizabeth Taylor was unique as actress, as  a divine woman, and was truly passionate by fragrances.

Our homage to her from the bottom of our souls that love this actress, remembered in our hearts now and ever, and mainly, in the perfumery.
Elizabeth, we also cannot face our day without perfume and it will be sad to face the day without a great woman like you, a diamond of the Life.

Rest in peace, and fragrantly, 
these are the wishes of Perfume  da Rosa Negra.

Cristiane Gonçalves, 
PRN editor

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