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5 Perfumes, 5 Reasons to wear an Elizabeth Taylor's fragrance

by Cristiane Gonçalves. Perfume da Rosa Negra, a new time, a new perfume
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Elizabeth Taylor is an icon, a myth, a woman who never will be forgotten in the history. Undoubtedly she is like a classic perfume, beloved by loyal people that never will leave her, indeed, people keep (and will continue keeping) in their minds and hearts the memory of Elizabeth Taylor, in each movie, in each public apparition, in each glance of her violet eyes. She has moved senses, insights, opinions and feelings on people across the years and , because of that, she is an eternal scent in the air. 

In her role of celebrity, she was one of the first artists to release a celebrity fragrance, a pioneer scented woman, and, her interest was above any commercial and business strategies, her interest was about dedicating some love for perfumes, to bring the genuine passion that some people don't have in the celebrities and perfume industries. The passion that is more important that money and profits. The truth is that Elizabeth adore fragrances and the wide range of scents she released between 1987 and 2010 was part of this passionate love but also part of a natural evolution and need of keeping her fragrances under the Elizabeth Arden  management, to survive in the jungle of competitive celebrity scents and, of course, continuing selling her best selling fragrance, White Diamonds, one of the most well-done scents in the celebrity perfumes business. 

She had to make her brand survive , at all costs 'cause a company such as Elizabeth Arden and many others have to sell, to meet the stakeholders' interests and modern fragrance trendies, to convince the consumer to buy a fragrance ,mainly considering the fact of having  perfume brands from profitable, young appealing  and popular artists and/or fashionable labels such as Britney Spears, Juicy Couture, Usher, Mariah Carey.  The launch of her last  and beautiful fragrance, Violet Eyes composed by perfumer Carlos Benaim, was a clear example  that Elizabeth Taylor had to adapt to celebrity perfumes mainstream market, that is, to have a 'more wearable fragrance', a fresher and softer one,  a little bit more modern  scent to meet the younger feel of each woman, taking into consideration that her previous fragrances have  a scented classy approach, sometimes compared to a 'old lady scent'  by a part of perfume addicts. Violet eyes has kept some classic flowers such jasmine and rose but it is a new olfactory interpretation comparing to her others fragrances.

Despite of the pros and cons of her fragrances, absolutely, Elizabeth Taylor has a loyal audience to her scents and had some exclusivity in the creation of her fragrances, most of all, by the nose Sophia Grojsman, one of the most respectful  and experienced professionals in the perfumery, who is passionate by classic flowers and is very skiful and knowledgeable about classic perfumery. Besides, the most important of all reasons to wear an Elizabeth Taylor's fragrance is be aware there is a great woman  who loves fragrances behind it , with perfumes that have  Taylor's identity , at least,  they were created with more personality.


The first fragrance by Elizabeth Taylor make us remind that she is a passionate woman and lived her life with passion, in the personal life and in Cinema. She had said that she was ruled by passion and one of the best ways to interprete passion on one fragrance is to include an oriental accord, remarkable enough with animalic notes such as honey, leather, civet and incense. Passion keeps a intense scent with classic aldehydes, a powdery sweet and strong scent that follows classics  such as Guerlain Shalimar.

Passion for men  (1988)

Offering a passionate duo of fragrances by Elizabeth Taylor, in 1988, it was launched Passion for men. Both of them did not sell as expected  since they are very oriental and classy for some fragrant tastes, however the male version has some personality on the blending demonstrating that a  passionate woman deserves a passioante man. The scent is strongly remarkable in green leathery notes such as geranium and galbanum and well combined in resinuous and  ambery oriental base filled by spices.

Wear passion fragrances, if you love a strong oriental fragrance that blends classic aldehydes and / or jasmine notes  Cabochard Grés and Guerlain Shalimar with a hint of provocative animalic, leathery accords like Femme Rochas and Robert Pìguet Bandit  or spices woody notes in the drydown. But be aware that this scent is more very low quality  in its olfactory features in comparison to these great classics.

White Diamonds (1991)

White Diamonds is and continues being the best selling fragrance of Elizabeth Taylor, a soft classic floral, very wearable, very harmonic, very vintage, the fragrance represents all the cons that  the strongly scented Passion duo didn't have in her début in fragrances, mainly the sophistication. Truly it is her best fragrance. Besides White Diamonds' concept joins her love for Diamonds. This precious treasure in a perfume bottle is all about Elizabeth Taylor: her love for perfume, her love for jewel, her love for her own classic history. What is beautiful in this scent is the feminine harmony that only classics have with a hint of chypre accord. Its blending of delicate flowers of lily, violet, rose and jasmine with the vintage aldehydes and the sensuality of ylang ylang, musk and amber make this fragrance a true diamond.

Wear White Diamonds if you adore floral top classics, feminine and elegant such as Chanel 5 and Dior Diorissimo.

Forever Elizabeth (2002)

Considering that Elizabeth Taylor will be the eternal Cleopatra of the Cinema, this fragrance has an interesting olfactory structure due to the oriental references blending flowers such as rose, tiare flower and egyptian jasmine, with spices and oriental woods such as sandalwood and white musk, highly used in the base of attars fragrances. Unfortunately, despite the voluptuous oriental structure that had all conditions to be better, the scent is very simple, fruity floral with an ambery musky base, and does not transmit the  oriental power and olfactory potential of the notes.  On the other hand, it is a scent composed after 90's classic reinterpretations period, then Forever is a trace and a trial of making her fragrances trendier, with the addition of fresh and delightful fruits like berries  and mandarin.

Wear it Forever Elizabeth if you enjoy  a common fruity floral with a soft musky base, good  for a daily use.

Violet Eyes (2010)

The last fragrance of Elizabeth Taylor was inspired in her unique violet eyes, symbol of beauty, mystery and sensuality.  It  is a breeze, bright, fresh and soft scent with a hint of modernity for daily  use. The classical flowers were kept such as jasmine, rose  and peony but how they work make the difference bringing a new approach for the contemporaneity of lighter and versatile fragrances, mainly the fresh aspect of roses and peonies, lovely combined for a radiant feel good feeling. Violet eyes  features the floral delicateness, the delightful and velvet fruity accord and  the sensuality of the musk.

Wear it Violet Eyes if you love roses and peonies.

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