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Perfume Review: My Queen, Alexander McQueen

De "Um olhar sob a perfumaria de grandes estilistas" por Perfume da Rosa Negra
"A look at the Perfumery of Great Fashion Designers" by Perfume da Rosa Negra
Review relaunch  in English version. To read the portuguese version,
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My Queen, released by the British fashion designer Alexander McQueen in 2005 is a workship for the multifaceted queen that exists in women sensually feminine; that one that fascinates us with her crystalline beauty and attitudes such as an ART in glass, deserving of a sensible and overpowering contemplation.

As well as the glass crystals that form various  small wonderful mirrors' reflections in each facet, the bottle of My Queen represents the virtuosity  of this rare queen: enchanting, luminous, mysterious and seductive. These qualities are reflected in the distinguishable feature of the perfume according to the concep of its creators, who divide the fragrance in four olfactory layers, each one qualifying the Queen under the view of McQueen.

The layer of being enchanting features notes of Parma Violet and sweet almonds, the luminous one features orange blossom, white musk and heliotrope, the mysterious one features notes of vetiver, patchouli and cedar and the seductive one features notes of iris and vanilla. An olfactive and estimable pyramid for beautiful queens, owners of imperial thrones enveloped by a majestic oriental floral.

In my experience with My Queen, I sprayed the perfume and, suddenly, I was transported to my kingdom, medieval and remote. There was a dreamy athmosphere, smoky, misty with lilac and purple nuances and the scent of violets is transformed into a primordial air for my existence. The softness of violets was affected by the sweetness that are in flowers that let them with a more natural perfume and a tender sensation. It was as if  the violets garden of my palace would embrace me entirely and, indeed, it embraced me , and in that moment, I was crowned queen.

Addicted to the scent of sweet violets, My Queen opened the doors of my magic Kingdom, where there wasn't no formality of heavy royal clothing. I was dressed with a fluid dress, adornated by many fabric layers of lilac chiffron, I felt myself so voluptuous and free as a flower petal that is blown in the air. Twirling waves of this wonderful dress touch my body and were mixed to the floral odour and the excitement of this exotic violet and, all my skin and clothing was My Queen. We are only one body, the fragrance and I, free to run to the enchanting garden and exhales my own Kingdom, discover my own majesty.

Wrapped by this floral dream, I sniffed the luminous and citrusy scent of orange, subtlely. It was not a conventional citrusy accord, but a touch of freshness as the soft breeze that caresses my Queen's skin and values more and more the naturalness of my beauty. At that moment, the scent of violets was absorbed, still light but present and started to give space to a new sur(real) landscape. White flowers are blended to the sinuous touch of patchouli and, deeply, both divided by sensations between romantism and seduction, lightness and strength, the ethereal and the carnal, the  kindness of a Princess and the exuberance of a Queen.  With these sensations, I was like one Arwen Undómiel  , paradoxically, real and untouchable such a Queen of the Fantasy.
The opening of discreet notes of woods and vanilla, with the eternal violet as a protagonist closed the final development of the perfume and imortalized me like the Queen of McQueen's dreams, or , at least, the Queen of my own fragrant and coloured dream with the most beautiful violets.

 Perfume review by Cristiane Gonçalves for Perfume da Rosa Negra. Relaunch for this special homange for McQueen.
Official Site: Alexander McQueen
Visit the beautiful website Alexander McQueen Parfums
Photos: Advertisement My Queen, violet flower e Arwen Undómiel from the movie The Lord of the Rings.

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