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Perfume Review: Shalimar EDT, Guerlain

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Shalimar, Guerlain

Shalimar, one of the magnificent Guerlain classic fragrances was a late discovery for my nose. I already knew Shalimar was a milestone, however I kept staring its bottle in a distant manner as well as others Guerlain classics. Today, I have realized that my choice in keeping this distance between Shalimar and me was the best behavior I should have had because it was key point to transform my initial aversion into one new passion. A loyal passion of a woman who was developing her maturity as a real one, much more prepared to value vintage fragrances that were so important and daring in a classic epoch.

Shalimar was created in 1925 for one of the most classic luxury fragrances maison, owner of precious treasures in form of perfume flacons such as Samsara, Mitsouko and Jicky, among others. This composition of Guerlain was considered very sensual for women in that epoch, so much that I don’t have doubts that these women wished to bring through the fragrance the intensity of their internal passions. An unconventional scent for those conservative times; a scent that I really judge as timeless exactly to represent the way of loving in its more passionate form: the love of a man for a woman.

Shalimar Gardens, Pakistan

This way reminds me of the entrance of Shalimar Gardens in Pakistan. The favorite gardens of Mumtaz Majal, the beloved woman of Shah Jahan, the indian prince who built a sultry mausoleum, the Taj Mahal as a love declaration to her dead woman. This love story was the inspiration base for Shalimar creation, whose name means house of love.

As well as Taj Mahal is considered an inconditional love declaration that has crossed all times, Shalimar also can be considered a love declaration of Guerlain to the woman of all times. The fragrance brings by itself the meaningful characteristic as a perfume which belongs to many generations of women who loved, love and will love. It is possible to define this fragrance as a magical potion that will take the woman to the prophetic eternal love as well as lead someone to visit the Taj Mahal.A type of blessing coming from the couple Shah and Muntaz, from India to the World.

The start of fragrance opens citrusy notes that quickly fade into a powdery floral oriental fragrance with a dominant involvement of iris, very vibrant in one sweet and woody base impacted by notes of vanilla and musk. Although the incense is light, it tries to prevail on skin with the musk in order to compete space in the perfume base. Shalimar is a fragrance aligned to the passionate profile of fragrances that I imagine as being the profile of Shah Jahan and, connected to his feelings when he lost his love and expressed the homage to her. The fragrance starts with colder notes as if they were the gelid tomb of his wife, making the skin fresher in a short time . When the floral is opened highlighting the iris and the vanilla, the perfume warms up faster as if Shan tried to keep his love still alive and warm, eternalised by the fire of his love, against this loss in his life.

Taj Mahal, the House of Love

Evaluated in this context or not, Shalimar is a beautiful perfume, more than having a mix of notes of lemon, bergamot, May rose, opoponax, bergamot, jasmine, tonka bean, vanilla, incense, iris and ambergris; a splendid combination as well as the Taj Mahal , one of the seven Wonders in the world. If Shalimar is a house of love and the love is a type of wonder, I hope women be guided by the ways of this scent and be taken to the amorous house blessed by Shah Jahan and his beloved "Jewel of the palace”.

Photos: Publicidade Shalimar, Guerlain; Photos Shalimar Gardens (Paquistan) and Taj Mahal (India), both historic heritages by Unesco.

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