domingo, 7 de junho de 2009

14 Unforgettable Scents, Memorable Fragrant Writings Special Series

Memorable Fragrant Writings Special Series
now in ENGLISH
by Perfume da Rosa Negra

When I started this blog, it was written only in my native language, the portuguese. I remember that it was amazing to get messages from my readers, colleagues and friends how they were so happy about reading some lovely reviews as Guerlain Shalimar, Cartier Le Baiser du Dragon and Tom Ford Black Orchid, for example, scents so special for them. There are some of my fragrance reviews that have changed their fragrant lives forever and I am very happy to bring this love for each of you more and more.

Thanks for all the letters during these months. Writing about perfumery is very rewarding, having a gift and a mission to do it is more rewarding, mainly when the love is spread around the world. I thank God for these amazing fragrant blessings.

For some time,we have thought how interesting would be to let some unforgettable fragrance reviews available for all internacional readers in english language and now this wish is becoming reality. During this week , you, who don't speak portuguese, will have the chance of reading 14 Unforgettable Scents by Perfume da Rosa Negra, Memorable Fragrant Writings Special Series.

And for you, dear reader, who speak our good portuguese,now have the chance to re-reading some reviews and, of course, enjoy this week with new ones.

Smell my fragrant memories, smell the Rose.

Photo credits: Roses by ProCorbis.

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