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Perfume Review: M7, Yves Saint Laurent

Part of 14 Unforgettable Scents, Memorable Fragrant Writings Series. Portuguese version, click here

M7, Yves Saint Laurent

M7 deserves a compatible slogan with its stimulating fragrance, so exciting for women who admire an elegant man, virile and sensitive in his behavior and, surely, fragrant. This slogan should be "M7: only for men who are chased by women". This slogan is not only suitable for a provocative and evocative fragrance for women who love a virility that makes them mad for a fragrant man, but also expresses the spirit of one of the best fragrances to characterize the exuberating man in all his senses. Exuberance created by the daring Tom Ford to YSL.

Hypnotized by this virile scent and without concerns of coming into this male universe, I start to smell the first notes of this sophisticated M7, a splendid opening of a chic woody, very slightly powdery by the presence of sweet and spicy notes, at the same time. Accords of agarwood are blended to a herbal vetiver tone, giving the wild expressivity to the M7 man. Impressed by this fragrance, something affects much more my senses as a seductive drug, the rosemary and its narcotic property. I realize herbs and spices resulting in an odour that spices the skin until to be tasted, as if my lips would feel this exciting flavor.

Hence I feel the fragrance be developed between the wildness and the domestication. Most notes have already faded on skin, almost as servile notes, however,the wild provocation is still evident. The mandrake root in the base is warm and developing on skin, exactly, as it must be... an aphrodisiac, so powerful that would be able to make a demanding woman fells on her knees and begs for a man a M7 deep sniff. A woman who searches for a mix of seduction, intelligence and romantism in a man plus a great male fragrance.

M7... I smell it one more time and the woodiness rusticity is amplified to an ambery sweetness. From this point, I only think of one unique image: A man and a woman are together to a harmonic and hot relationship, changing their roles: the male sweet woody scent stimulates the female wildness, on the other hand, the sweet femininity stimulates the man to express his virile sensuality, elegantly rustic... Everything with M7, the fragrance "follow me like ".

At once... instinctively exciting, I follow this fragrant trail.

Photo credits: YSL M7 ad campaign by YSL and Heidi Klum. Perfume Review by Copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra

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