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Perfume Review: Gloria, Cacharel

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Gloria, Cacharel

Gloria by Cacharel is a "classic fragrance" for this brand, however Cacharel decided to see Gloria retired ( and truly , I cannot understand why since it was one of the best fragrances in Cacharel perfumes range). It is almost impossible to find easily Gloria, because of that I 've decided to bring this scent back and praise Gloria as a fragrant homage telling you what is the best offered by the perfume, that is the surprising effect of its notes, mainly its drydown, the wonderful phase when the true fragrance is kept on the skin.

For those who already found Gloria over there and had an intimate moment with the fragrance, probably are going to understand about this unforgettable base effect , stunningly wonderful. The first impression is that Gloria is an oriental vanilla and not an oriental woody. The fragrance features sweet notes and not juvenile ones as amaretto and vanilla, an enchanting power on fans of a differerent almondy vanillic scent. Here, the amaretto gives a caramelized and woody effect on the blending; in the start, this note is a little "shy" composing a couple with the vanilla and after some time, the famous "olfactive mènage a trois", inviting the cedarwood to new sensations of pleasure to any nose that enjoys these notes.

More than exciting the olfaction, Gloria also excites the taste. Just imagine you and a note of Amaretto, very delicious and edible. Surely, you are going to desire to eat Gloria, at least, if there is some stock in some perfumeries.

Damascena Rose

Amaretto is the heart and the sex of Gloria. Amaretto awakes the love and the pleasure on people who love this fragrance; Amaretto leads others notes becoming the hottiest and the most special note among all the others. It is like to be the desire and the final pleasure. The sensation of being with Gloria is comfortable, romantic and appealing. After the warmth of the sweet notes, the base shows a triumphal fragrant apparition, fresh and floral focused on the Damascena Rose that is joined to gourmand notes, now lighter. This continuous blooming of the rose after the sweetest gourmand phase is very unique.

Hibiscus Flower

The Damascus Rose also puts some femininity in the fragrance with the Hibiscus flower; both glorify the orientality of the Gloria, awaking the imaginary simbology about the womanliness, the femininity of Antique oriental goddesses . These flowers of the Persia and Egypt bring the remarkable effect, the glorious experience of one Gloria that never will be forgotten.

Photo credits: Gloria by Cacharel. Flowers Damascena Rose and Hibuscus at Wikipedia.
Perfume Review copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra.

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Anônimo disse...

Gloria, by Cacharel has been the best perfume I have ever liked. I cannot buy it anymore in Australia. Has it been discontinued or is not available in Australia anymore?

Cris Rosa Negra disse...

Hi, thanks for your visit.
The fragrance was discontinued however try to research at Ebay, investigate on internet or some small perfume store in Australia. My last bottle I could find in one small miscellaneous beauty store at a small mall in Sao Paulo.
Good luck!