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Perfume Review: Black Cashmere, Donna Karan New York

Part of 14 Unforgettable Scents, Memorable Fragrant Writings Series. Portuguese version, click here

Black Cashmere, Donna Karan New York

DKNY Black Cashmere is a must have fragrance for those who enjoy the excitement of an unknown scent. A fragrance that may be capable of being touched and it will depend on your surrendering desire. The fragrance may be scentfully enigmatic and evil, but this black scent will also exert an irresistible attraction on you, as a "calling" to the darkness where all the desires are illuminated... This scent is Black Cashmere, an weird fragrance at first sniff, covered by a mist of incense with accords of spices, mainly exciting notes of nutmeg and clove in the fragrance beginning.

The start notes are like the entrance to a portal... imagine an urban city, dark and seductive, that may be the New York of Donna Karan, almost uninhabited and with a mysterious atmosphere. It is not about an obscure city, neither medieval nor gothic, but in its fullest, the city joins the expressionism of all these pictures.

In this portal, we are preys attracted by the dual desire of smelling Black Cashmere; a desire similar to the desire of feeling the charming power of an urban and sensual vampire. The fear is mixed to the attraction... the initial smell seems a propolis scent, the breath of a vampire which is closer to the neck almost rendered by this imminent risk. The risk is not about death, but about living a new life with a fragrant bite, the eternal life with Black Cashmere.

Black Cashmere is a fragrance that fits more to victims to be bitten than to vampires. The preys don't hesitate to search for some light in Black Cashmere to identify what comes after that spicy breath. They find the warmth of the patchouli, bois de miel and aromatized incense that are together and picture the blood after a bite ... this is the fragrant moment of more pleasure and dark sensuality.

After this moment, they are surrendered the new clan, the adorers of this perfume and followers of "Bite Black Cashmere"...

Photo credits: Black Cashmere by DKNY. Vampire by Toni Mauro Dark Art.
Perfume Review by Copyright Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra for Perfume da Rosa Negra.

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