sábado, 26 de julho de 2008

Poetic Homage to Parfumer: Andy Tauer

I am the rose of Maghreb
that feel the loneliness of
a desert
but you
my dearest Tauer

found me there
captured my fragrant soul

evoked my dreams of gold

touched my precious petals
and I bloomed,
now and always
no more loneliness

you made me a princess
loved, desired

filled by happiness
now and ever
my princess soul

light and night
sun and moon
sandy and airy
my smell reigns
I am the rose
your désert marocain

(by Cris Rosa Negra, Fragrance Writer from Brazil)

(Dear Andy Tauer, thanks for creating L'air du désert marocain, the scent of the desire
Je l´aime et je l´aimerais, toujours" , your admirer Cris Rosa Negra)

Foto: Paiting Clair de Lune, painter Etienne Dinet, that lived in Argelia, one of the countries covered by
Fonte: http://algeriedelice.skyrock.com/

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