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Special Series Mother's Day: TOP 10 Perfumes MOTHERS

English Version . Article by Italo Wolff, PRN fragrance writer

Tenderness, caress and love, words that are commonly related to mothers, senses which are remembered for all one life, since the tenderest childhood, as nostalgic sensations such as the scent of our mothers , also unforgettable, be in delicate aromas with floral notes, slightly powdery scents or aldeydic  accords which lead us to these wonderful feelings, maybe due to the fact of  the sensation of comfort as be hugged by our mothers maybe because simply these perfumes make us remember their favorite perfumes.

Because of that Perfume da Rosa Negra has prepared a small list of floral and aldeydic perfumes that fit to the personalities of each of these mothers.

A fragrant Mother's Day for you!


10° Gardenia Passion by Annick Goutal

A perfume which has the centered note of gardenia (one of my favorites). The delicateness is a key part of this perfume, subtely powdery by the tuberose note but very comfortable in its final mix. Perfect for delicate and romantic mothers. 
9° Initial by Boucheron

Initial is a ultra floral filled by jasmine and white flowers and its base is delightfully almondy. The scent represents opulence and power, a perfume for mothers of strong personality but that carry inside themselves a jewel of great beauty.

8° Anais Anais by Cacharel

Delicateness and romantism of white lilies represent in each bottle inspired in the traditional fragrances of toilette done with porcelain. A scent powderly comfortable and sweet. Excellent for mothers with traditional personality

7° Eternity by Calvin Klein

This perfume will never be forgotten, because it is the perfume identity of my mother, a scent that I am able of recognising in any place as her perfume. It brings to myself comfort and nostalgia, filled by wonderful floral notes highlighting the rose and the lily of the valley and its warm and ambery base. Ideal for mothers with multifaceted personality that are used to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

6° Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera

Sensual floral composed almost exclusively by the accord of tuberose and jasmine, delightfully enchanting. Perfect for mothers that are trés chic.

5° Cristalle Eau Verte by Chanel

Refreshing scent, full of class in a delightful accord of magnolia and bergamot, delightfully irreverent. Ideal for mothers with young personality but who also wish quality and class.

4° Poison by Dior

Opulent, strong, remarkable scent, recognisable in distance ahead. A perfume that was a milestone, filled by glamour  and complex with various scented layers. Imagine a mother, owner of a strong personality and extremely independent.

 3° Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

Class and sensuality in a same scent, all luminosity of Italian perfumes is joined in simple and traditional notes of perfumery, a mix that represents anything very chic in Italian life. Ideal for young mothers who take care of their beauties.
2ª Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

One perfume that, in few decades, is a real classic, a true ode to the luxury and power, strength, a fragrant toast for everything that smells money. A milestone of the Americna perfumery in 80's, is exotic and very strong, so should be used in homeopatic doses. It represents a strong mother, lead of her destin and who has already achieved everything she wished. Notes of jasmine and tuberose are the stars of this wonderful creation.

1° Chanel nº5 by Chanel 

I think there is anything that represents best the French perfumery culture as Chanel, mainly Chanel n° 5, its innovative aldeydics and its synthetic floral accords that not only please Gabriele Chanel but also innumerous generations which adopt the brand and the life philosophy of Chanel. A gorgeous composition, very original for the epoche it was created. A perfume for classic mothers, full of elegance and power.

Italo Wolff is fragrance writer from Alagoas, Brazil and exclusive colaborator for Perfume da Rosa Negra.

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