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Special Series Mother's Day 2010 : Essential tips to choose better your mother's next perfume

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Selecting a gift for the Mother's Day is not an easy task, the biggest desire of a good son/daugther for this date is to give his/her mother the Wonderland for all she deserves and her meaning as mother. Because of that, in this date, no matter if your mother is here or in the heaven, think always that she deserves the best perfume because flowers like her are eternal and smell the perfume of an unconditional love, a love that comes from the nature mother.

If the perfume is something so evocatively beautiful like the scent that comes from the nature mother , why don't you give her a gift such as a perfume?  Even though, there are mothers that don't like perfumes, some are really allergic and/or sensitive about fragrances, if your mother does not have problems about them, make this purchase a love action.The début post of "Mother's Day" at Perfume da Rosa Negra is gonna help you featuring  essential tips to choose better your mother's next perfume,  I'm sure that you are going to become this purchase's moment much more than just a purchase in a  celebration's holiday, you are going to make it a love's action, from you to your precious mommy.

Know the fragrant taste of your mother

It seems obvious, but some sons and daughters really do not pay attention about the olfactive preferences of their mothers. You do not need to be a expert in scents, just analyse which are the perfumes that she already has, the scents of soap bar, bath showers and body creams she wears and also  the scent of her food. Through it, you'll have some tips about which are the aromatic compounds her nose adores.

Know the "fragrance wheel"  and identify her mother's olfactory family  

There are people that don't know what a fragrance wheel is, don't worry about, it is simple and it is not necessary to specialise in which it offers. The fragrance wheel shows you a general overview about olfactory families of a perfume according to their division in some compounds types (woody, floral, citrusy, etcetera). When you identify which are the favorite scents of your mother, immediately, you will be able of identifying in which  part of the fragrance wheel her future perfume may be.

Know the style of your mother.

Knowing the olfactive preferences of your mother is not enough, but it is important to ensure what is her style (a business woman? a sport woman? a glamourous woman?). Even though the perfume compositions tend to follow a pattern "style x perfume characteristic", before going to a perfume store, keep in your mind that the perfume has to combine with the personality of your mother and, mainly, with her attitude. Summarizing, there are some keys suggetions below:

sophisticated woman combines more with chypre florals
classic woman combines more with aldehydic florals
a modern and experienced woman combines more with floral bouquets
a young and joyful combines more with fresh florals
a teen woman combines more with fruity florals and gourmands scents
a sport woman combines more with citrusy and marine aromatics
a sensual woman combines with oriental florals and oriental woody scents


Know better which are the occasions your mother wears  perfume


Any good son/daughter wishes that the gifted perfume does not be forgotten in his/her mother's closet. Avoid  frustrations and analyse the occasions your mother wears perfume. Does she enjoy to be at home? Is she very sociable? Is she a workholic working later at the office? In this mannter, you will give her a special and useful pefume that will make her remind of his/her adorable son/daughter.

Research potential perfumes to before going to perfume stores 

Now,  it is time to going to buying field, however before do it,  remind of being practical and proactive because your mother deserves this dedication. Unfortunately some sons and daughter buy the gift in the last hour and, let the responsability of deciding the purchase to the saleswoman/salesman. You are the son/the daughter of your mother.  Now that you already hav all the tips and your mother's "olfactive profile", access the main perfume websites, including some perfume houses, use the google as your friend and enjoy the pleasure of knowing more about perfumery. 

Think better before buying a promotional mother's day perfume coffret

I know they are irresistible, but analyse better before get the your credit card / or bank card from your pocket/bag. Do not guide yourself only in special offers and those attractive perfume sets some companies release in commercial holidays. They release them exactly to tempt you to buy them. Think that your mother's next perfume will have the scent of  a son/daughter for his/ her mother and become it lirically a love's declaration.

Have a " type of mother's moment" with the perfume and remember some mother's

It is time to select the perfume. While you are sniffing it, face that perfume bottle as a catalysator that will lead you to the olfactory memories coming from your mother. Her scent, the warmth of her hug, her smile. All are sensations, memories and, mainly, perspective of picturing if that perfume is really her perfume. It is a simple way of connecting you to your mother, and live the relationship through the smoke, beyong the perfume.

Gift her in a double fragrant way, have a B plan.
The day of giving her mother the perfume is coming and more than the fragrance, what is coming with? A bouquet of roses, the mother of all the flowers, the diva Rose for all mothers who are divas, across centuries, and continue unique. Moreover, giving roses is not banal and uncreative, on the contrary, it expresses the love for the nature and its scents and the nature of motherhood as the big nature. If she doesn't like so much the scent of perfume, surely, she will enjoy the perfume of roses in this gorgeous moment between you , a remarkable moment for Mother's Day.

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