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Interview with Francis Kurkdjian, Owner and Perfumer Maison Francis Kurkdjian at Sniffapalooza Magazine

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A great interview with the owner of Maison Francis Kurkdjian,
the outstanding perfumer and composer Francis Kurkdjian
by Cristiane Gonçalves
at Sniffapalooza Magazine

You 're my special invitee for this pleasant conversation
to discover, mainly, details of new House of Kurkdjian
opened in Paris
as a stunning perfumer dream.

Francis Kurkdjian opened recently his new House, the Maison Kurkdjian in September, 7th, 2009, a memorable occasion when a beautiful dream came true - the dream of a very talent perfumer and composer in opening his house - an invitation to his world of fragrant Arts, his Maison as the genuine meaning of the word, as he naturally and splendidly says:

“I chose to add the word “Maison” (house) before my name. It is not stylistic concept but rather a way to express what I believe”. A house has soul and history, inhabitants and friends and sometimes children. All those emotions derived from “home” join together under this word and animate my dream: to create as my greatest happiness the ability to inspire even little pleasures for others” (1)

I am far from the Parisien Rue D’Alger, n. 5 – the new address of Maison Kurkdjian, however I would have the pleasure of feeling the doors opened to his artistic world in this interview, coming into there and, much more, be inspired one more time by a dedicated and visionary artist of the scents whose perfumes always captured my fragrant tastes. As always, Francis Kurkdjian is very spontaneous and captivating – fascinating virtues, mainly, to work with emotions, people and fragrances, besides, as a real gentleman and sensitive soul demonstrates he is an artist whose passionate enthusiasm and discipline in the métier is to bring beauty, harmony and joy to the world.

Read full interview with Francis Kurkdjian
Visiting us at Sniffapalooza Magazine

Introductory text by Cristiane Gonçalves for Sniffapalooza Magazine.
Photo credits: Maison Kurkdjian. Rights reserved.

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