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Quote of the Day: Henry IV to Gabrielle d'Estree A scent love declaration

Gabrielle d'Estree segurando o anel, presente de Henrique IV
Gabrielle d'Estree holding the ring, gift of Henry IV

"Não se lave, meu amor. Eu estarei em casa em oito dias"
(Rei da França Henrique IV para sua concubina Gabrielle D'Estree,
século XVI)

"Don't wash my love. I'll be home in eight days"
(Henry IV, France King to his mistress Gabrielle D'Estree century 16th)

Gabrielle D'Estree era a amante preferida do rei Francês Henrique IV. Na história dos cheiros, o rei era um dos que mais gostavam de se perfumar de forma ofensiva, totalmente desagradável aos sentidos e/ou simplesmente manter o odor do corpo, natural e animálico com o passar dos dias. Mas não pense que ele era um porquinho da corte, pelo contrário, era uma traço da história dos cheiros. Quanto mais próximo ao odor da pele, melhor. Os séculos XVI e XVII marcaram a história da perfumaria com uma falta de higiene como banhos que demoravam de ser tomados, perfumações ao extremo para esconder o má cheiro e também perfumes que evocavam matérias primas animálicas como civet e castóreo, cheiros sexuais, secreções sujas.

Henrique IV, considerado adepto de cheiros desagradáveis
Henry IV, considered addict for foul scents.

Para você ver que Henrique IV estava totalmente em sintonia com o cheiro de sua época e o de sua amada. Quer prova de amor maior? Só não tente imitá-lo, nada melhor que um bom banho e uma agradável fragrância, ainda que animálica, para uma noite de rei e rainha na Corte da moderna perfumaria.

English version:

Gabrielle D'Estree was the favorite mistress of the French King Henry IV. In the history of scents, the king was known by loving fragrance himself in an offensive way, completely foul to senses and/or simply keep the body scent, natural and animalic during days and days. And don't think he was the pig of the Royal Court, on the contrary this habit was a trace of the scents history. The dirtier, the better. Centuries XVI and XVII had, among other characteristics, the lack of hygiene such as baths that took a long time to be taken, extreme perfumings to hid the bad scent and also fragrances that evoke animalic raw materials such as civet and castoreum, sexual scents, dirty secretions.

See that Henry IV was completely connected to the scent of his times and his lover. Is there a bigger scent love declaration than it? Only please don't try to imitate him, nothing is better than a good bath and a pleasant fragrance, even if animalic, for a night of King and Queen in the Court of modern Perfumery.

Text note by Cristiane Gonçalves for Perfume da Rosa Negra Photo credits:Common Wikipedia source Gabrielle D'Estree detail , part of the painting Porträt der Gabrielle d'Estrées und der Duchesse de Villars by unknown painter. Original at Louvre Museum, France.
Portrait of Henry IV, King of France.

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Lucy disse...

Love this quote -- it reminds me of Napoleon to Josephine, making a similar request.

I still recall the natural scent of certain people as being so appealing, probably this is one of those things...the voice and the smell, both have to be there...

Cristiane Gonçalves aka Cris Rosa Negra disse...

Hi dear Lucy, So nice to have your visit here. Indeed, I love this quote too. It is so lovely and so truly authentic and passionate between lovers. I love The letters of Napoleon to his sweet Josephine too.

Last month I was talking to a friend about scent skin. It is really appealing in certain people and, mainly, some men have a very natural scent skin, overly sexy and addictive and, in an interesting way, very clean and fresh.

Since I have developed a sense of skin scent, I have been valued it much more now than before. That is a great gift, seeing beauty in our body scent, above all, as you see in voice...