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Conversations - Guest Fragrance Critic: Chris Formosa, FragranceTalk

Conversations - Guest Fragrance Critic  by Perfume da Rosa Negra.  
Available in English. Introduction note in Portuguese and English. Translator Available below.

Desde que comecei a desfrutar o poder do YouTube, tenho sido mais devota a assistir os vídeos de meus/ minhas  cantores(as) preferidos(as), além de trailers do cinema, minha adorada sétima arte e também os maravilhosos e apaixonantes comerciais de perfumes. Até que um dia, encontrei o Chris Formosa do Fragrance Talk, que tinha decidido fazer resenhas de perfumes em vídeo e ficou famoso no YouTube. Não resisti a conhecê-lo e, muito menos, em trazê-lo aqui para ver o outro lado de um crítico de perfume que filma a si próprio, afinal sou ainda uma mulher das perfumadas palavras escritas e, nós, do Perfume da Rosa Negra, queríamos muito conhecer a paixão de perfumes do Chris, o jovem corajoso o suficiente para colocar a cara na maior rede de vídeos do mundo (e sejamos sinceros, este trabalho não é fácil!Nunca é fácil falar de perfumes). Este dia chegou e,com prazer, trago ao nosso leitor mais uma apaixonado por perfume que se dedica a conhecê-los e a distribuir este amor perfumado em todo o mundo. Bem vindo, querido leitor, bem vindo, Chris. O fragrance talk hoje é aqui!

Um abraço,

Cris, Rosa Negra
Nota da editor

Since I started to enjoy the power of YouTube, I have been devoted to watch the videos of my favorite singers as well as movie trailers, my beloved 7th art and also the wonderful and lovely perfume advertisements. Certain day, I met Chris Formosa from Fragrance Talk, who has decided to write perfume reviews recorded in video and has became famous at YouTube. I could not resist in talking to him and invite him to be welcome here as well as learning from a perfume critic who records his own perfume reviews videos, finally I am a woman of the written fragrant words so I would experience to know someone who talks about perfume in an other way. We, here at Perfume da Rosa Negra would like very much to know Chris' perfume passion, the young brave man who put his face in the largest video network in the world (and let's be honest, talking about perfumes is not easy!). This day has come and, with pleasure, I bring to our readers one more perfume lover who has dedicated to know better about perfumes and offer his time to show the world his fragrant love. Welcome, dear reader,welcome Chris. The fragrance Talk today is here!

A hug,

Cris, Rosa Negra
Editor's Note

Cris PRN : Hi Chris, I would like to thank you for being our Guest Fragrance Critic at Perfume da Rosa Negra. You're welcome here! Tell us who is Chris Formosa.

Chris F: Ah, I can't say I am all that interesting of a person.  I am a student, studying for my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing Management.  I am majoring in marketing because I want a greater understanding of how these amazing fragrance campaigns work. So, I can tare them apart and get down to the actual smell. I want to help people to ignore the photos, the fun bottles (which are artistic as well), look past the celebrities and actually smell the scent in the bottle and base their choice on their individual appreciation for the fragrance. Also, I would LOVE to work for a perfume house and develop marketing strategies that are relevant to the smell.

Cris PRN : Wow, that is a very nice career target. By the way, it was cool to meet you at YouTube reviewing perfumes, our mutual love, what are your reasons to start critizing perfumes at You Tube and Fragrance Talk, how did everything start?

Chris F: Everything kind of just fit together.  I knew that I wanted to be a part of the YouTube community and post videos that interested an audience.  My first ever video was pretty boring; it was just me talking about my hobbies and interests -- fragrance being one of them.  The video got a lot of really great feedback -- asking for more info about my fragrances and questions regarding my opinions.  So, I started posting videos answering peoples requests. It was so much fun for me! It then turned into me posting fragrance reviews of scents that people request on a weekly basis.

Cris PRN : Why did you select this type of communication instead of writing about fragrances?  

Chris F I think this way is best to continue with because it allows a community of people to post feedback and questions. Also, I think videos are a lot more captivating and interesting than reading text.  Reading off a computer screen is no fun - videos are tons of fun. hehe.  Also , I get to have a great time making the videos, editing, and being creative with music and throwing comedy in there sometimes.

 PRN: Do you think it is easier to tak or to write about fragrances?

 Chris F: I usually take about 5-7 days to fully form my opinion on a fragrance.  I like to wear it everyday, and continuously smell it off my wrist, and forearm. I always keep a notepad in my bag or pocket and I write down the changes and things I notice about the scent. I smell for what time era it references, the longevity, I note down it’s classification (woods, oriental, citrus, fruity, etc.) Also, I will get a friend to wear it and smell how far their scent trail is while they are walking.  I find out how much it projects, etc. And I love to try and figure out how many other people are wearing the same one. It is easier to tell which fragrance they are wearing if they spray their clothes.  And, of course, do I personally like it?  I try to be as unbiased about the scent as possible.

Cris PRN : Great! I think any scent critic has to study and research the scent  more and more before any public critic. We also evaluate deeply as you here. By the way, your fragrance evaluation process plus recording the fragrance talk in a video. How does it work for Chris?

Chris F: Hmm. I guess since I have a younger audience, I am able to help out kids in high schools capture the attention of their crush.  I have created a small youtube community of fragrance lovers and newbies.  Most of the newbies like to grab my opinion for what to wear to prom, out for dinner, at the beach, etc.  I guess, since I am able to communicate to the younger audience I am able to help them to ignore marketing campaigns like Axe, and focus on what really works for them. Also, I am able to make young guys aware that fragrances are not gender specific.

Cris PRN : What are the main contributions you think you have brought to your readers and, in general, to scent culture?

Chris F: Umm, the most challenging fragrance I  reviewed would have to be the original Nautica.  I hated it. I had to wear it everyday for 5 days straight;  It was torture! haha.  I really honestly tried to find something good about it.. I tried to focus on the nice citrus but i couldn’t find anything i really liked... So, my review was super negative -- i was scared it was going to get a bad response.. but, turned out that the viewers LOVED that i totally butchered the fragrances and got a few laughs out of people.  I was so lucky to have a really great response.

Cris PRN:  Tell us your favorite review and why.

Chris F:  My favorite fragrance review is to come in the future. Soon its spring, and as some of you know, it is my absolute favorite month for scents! Fresh, crisp citrus and green leaves, cut with calm lavenders, etc! Ah, I love it !   My favorite video was the “Spring Fragrance” review I did last year. I got to talk about some of my favourites. I hope to do a full review of a couple of them.  Can’t wait! :)  I learned that people love to hear when i make fun of terrible scents.

Cris PRN: What is your vision about the future of perfumery and your concerns about it.

Chris F:  I see the perfume industry going in a pretty bad direction for now.. everything that is coming out this year is all the same, generic, and unimaginative. All of these celebrity and designer brands are releasing things that just have had good sales in the past. They aren’t trying new things and taking risks.  But, some good new trends I see are more young people being interested in reading about fragrances and ignoring marketing strategies; more interested in looking up consumer reviews. So, that allows talented critics to help people find scents that truly work for them and ignore celebrity labels.

Cris PRN:  Now, your scented secrets: Best signature and best perfumer for Chris:

Chris F: Ah, I am lame. My favourite fragrance house is Creed.. Surprised? I think not. haha . Oh well, I am not going to try to seem individualistic and sound sophisticated LOL. I LOVE Green Irish Tweed and probably always will.  Frederick Malle is extremely talented as well. :)


Cris PRN: Finalizing your nice visit here, tell us what makes Fragrance Talk unique.

Chris F: Fragrance Talk is unique because it is fragrance reviews meets video and new media. It is based around community. Forums are being re-created and every blog post and video posted has space for people to comment and share their opinion. I really enjoy interacting with the people who watch my reviews. I have some great visions for the future of Fragrance Talk.  I won't share too much just yet. I love you all!  XOXO!

Interview  by Cristiane Gonçalves for Perfume da Rosa Negra.
Photo credits: Fragrance Talk by Chris Formosa
Creed fragrance by the House of Creed - UK

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